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Thursday, June 18, 2015

As I start putting items together to take with me to the Holy Land, I think that I have to start packing some spiritual items also. A spiritual preparation is just as important as the physical items that you take along. This is because a retreat / pilgrimage, differs from any other journey you might do.

A retreat to the Holy Land means to come with the desire to meet Christ anew – the living and risen Christ of our Faith. The search can take many forms, as many as the ways by which people encounter Christ in the Gospels. Some of those who approached him were blind, imploring him to restore their sight, others were possessed by demons wishing to be freed from their unclean spirits; others were just curious and approached his disciples saying "we want to see Jesus".

There is certainly no doubt that the closer one gets to Jesus, and the more one experiences Christ’s presence you might hear the words, "Do you love me? " May I be the fertile soil where Jesus can sow once again the seeds of his love, his Gospel and his grace again.

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