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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

    I did one of my favorite prayer times to do in Israel. That is doing Vespers with the Franciscans at 5 o'clock in the evening. The picture shows the group in front of Christ's tomb during the vesper service. Each carries a candle and prayer book during the walk.  And the procession winds totally around the Holy Sepulcher church.   Stopping at all the chapels and the stations as you walk through the church. Each stop has its own psalm and prayers. It all concluded with Benediction. Below is a picture of the Resurrection Chapel or Mary's Chapel.  It's dedicated to her because Christ had to have appear to her even if it is not recorded in the Scriptures. There is a large bronze sculptor of this event in the Chapel

   When we finished Vespers, I went to the tomb because there was hardly anybody there. Two young ladies from Milan, Italy stood behind me.  One asked what is this thing? I explained that this was the tomb of Christ. It was amazing that they knew nothing about this wonderful site.  They asked questions about the other places in the Church I tried to explain and offered to show them what each site was. But they said they didn't have time. They had to get back to their hotel. What a shame.  But aren't we the same in our lives.  Just too busy to listen and learn about Christ. You see people running all around Jerusalem. Everyone is in a hurry.  I'm glad that I have enough time to spend at each place I visit.  Perhaps I will hear a new voice explaining something to me.  Hopefully I won't be in too much of rush and miss it.

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