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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Friday - June 26
Tried to get ready to pack but had a busy few days. Finished up paper work in the office for the upcoming weeks on Friday morning. Then in the afternoon, I had three prayer services at two different funeral homes. Then had a wedding rehearsal at Corpus Christi Parish at 5:00pm and another at Resurrection at 6:30pm. Cleaned up church and went to the 6:30pm wedding rehearsal’s dinner. Came back and put together the 2 wedding plans for Saturday.

Saturday - June 27
Celebrated the Funeral mass for Carol Griesbacher, had the cemetery committal, cleaned up Church and had dinner with the family. Put together the mass items for the regular 5:00 Mass. Then went to my first wedding of the day, celebrated the wedding mass of Hope Seibert and Alex VanCleeve. Had a picture taken with them and headed back to Resurrection to put final preparations together for the 6:30 wedding. Went to church to put out all the items for the 5:00 Mass. Heard confessions and celebrated Mass with the Resurrection Community. Celebrated Kayley Will and Truett Simmons wedding. Had my picture taken and headed off to the first reception and then off to the second reception.

Sunday - June 28
Today I’ll have the Sunday masses at Resurrection and I have to do my final packing to make my flight at 3:30pm. Hope all connections are on time. The flight to Tel Aviv is 11 hours. Will post again when I’m in Jerusalem.

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