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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another wonderful place is Nazareth Village.  It is a re-creation of a first century village.
 It is located in the middle of Nazareth and has a hospital above and houses all around.  The site was accidentally saved from construction and now is a great place to understand the life at that time and also the scripture references. You go through an introduction area and then outside.  The first place is the winnowing floor.  Remember separating wheat from chaff?  

Then to the shepherd pen with the gate.  

Then to a reproduction of a tomb. Remember the prophecy that the messiah would before but rich in the end.  Jesus was buried by a rich man.
Then to a vineyard with a grape press area and a watch tower.  A olive press.

  Then to a carpenter shop,
a weaving shop a home
and then to the Synagogue.  A Synagogue was more than a prayer space, it was also the town's meeting room, etc.
Our guide is reading from the Torah as Jesus would have at his synagogue.

This all gives a new meaning to the scriptures especially if you use Lectio Divina. There is so much info but I do not have room for it all.

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