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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Two important sites in Nazareth are the Synagogue and the Precipice. The synagogue is where Jesus took the scroll and read from Isaiah.
 That he is the fulfillment of what he read.
 He couldn't leave well enough alone.  He had to give examples where Gentiles received help from God but not the Jewish people.  That made them really angry.  Because their country was being controlled by Gentiles. The Romans were cruel to them and saying that God helps Gentiles before Jews was utter blasphemy to them. They took Jesus to the highest mountain to throw him over.  That was the punishment for a religious sin.  
But Jesus walked away from them and went to Capernaum where he would be more widely be accepted.  There he started his formal ministry. From the Precipice you can see Mt. Tabor.  I wonder if Jesus thought at that time, I'll come back and let you see what you let go.  Sometime we dismiss so many people and ideas because they don't meet up with what we think is the best in our minds.  Let's let the Holy Spirit control our lives for a change.

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