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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It is much easier to do some reflections on the Sea of Galilee than in Jerusalem. 

I first went to Cana today.
 I offered my mass for all the couples whom I've married and those in the future.  I went to one of my favorite quiet spots beside the church. No one had ever gone there in e past. But today it was set up for a mass.  But I finished before the group showed up. 

I started to think at the church, what about the bride? All weddings are all about the bride.  Even Mary was not mentioned you name, only as the woman or mother. Mary's name is not even mentioned in the Gospel of John. Jesus, the drunk disciples, the steward, the staff, the groom, but no mention of the bride.  Jesus could have made 150 gallons of wine.  Below is a ceremonial washing stone jar. There were 6 of them filled with dirty water from washing feet. Kind of reminds you of the Jordan River?

Also what happened on day one and day two? We only hear about day three. John raises many challenges in the story. But makes one great statement. Jesus uses a wedding to be the vehicle for showing that he is the Messiah. Saint Paul calls the church, the bride of Christ. "But I'm speaking of this in reference to Christ and His Church."  

I really feel that all of us are that anonymous Bride. Writing this looking over the Sea of Galilee, water again is the common thread. Our feet and our bodies might be need of washing, but through the Church the best is yet to come.

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