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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Today was amazing. Went to all the places around The Sea of Galilee where Jesus worked his many miracles. The multiplication of the fish and loaves, where Jesus appeared to the Apostles after the Resurection, where Peter told Jesus that he loved him, where Jesus lived in Capernaum in Peter's house, just being on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, going to the hill of the Beatitudes and reading the rest of Jesus' other moral teachings. Those places are unbelievably wonderful and awe inspiring.  But I had experienced those in the past.

But the new spot that I saw was at Migdal.  This is the home of Mary Magdalene.  They just recently bought land, developed a plan and started building a church.  There is supposed to be a women's center and a multimedia center and other buildings. But then they landed upon an entire village that had been lost for centuries.  They are now excavating inch by inch to rediscover the original Migdal. Many people were working in the extreme heat and humidity.  It got up to 99 today. Construction has stopped until the  archaeologists are finished.  But it looks like the church has been finished. I presume that this church was to be dedicated to Mary Magdalene, but I was wrong. The church is dedicated to the apostles.  Being out in the arid country of Israel, you do not expect the use of water in a building. But they have used it in a very special way.   As you look to the front of the church you see a boat.  It almost looks like it's floating on water, with the Sea of Galilee behind it. The boat is the altar, the mast is the cross, the sail is the symbol of the Resurrection.  The tabernacle is off to the side of the boat. Behind the altar is an infinity pool that at a certain angle looks like it stretches all the way to the the Sea of Galilee.

This picture doesn't do the Church justice.

 In the gathering area there are individual chapels.  It's surprisingly beautiful church.  I was actually in awe.  By the windows are beautiful icons of the apostles.  Seeing the use of water,  I finally understand all the symbolism of water in the Scriptures in the Old and New Testaments.  We have to not be able to walk on water but to be baptized, understand our promises, fulfill those promises and be washed clean again and again.  The apostles were called from the water and so are we.  

I was going to offer my mass at Capernaum at my favorite hiding spot right by the sea.  But I was so moved by an altar underneath the Church in an excavation area. That I had to offer it here. I offered it for all those who I will welcome into the church of God in the coming years, whether infants or adults.  
Actually, I had two masses today.  I joined a group from France.  I asked Mon Pere if I could join them for Mass.  Couldn't really figure out the group but they were nice to me.  The priest could not believe that I was here on my own.  I guess that I'm one of the blessed.

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