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Friday, July 17, 2015

Up the hill from the Annunciation Church is the Church of St. Joseph.

This is the site of the Holy Family's home.  Apparently Mary didn't have to move very far from home.  St. Joseph we know was a carpenter. But in those days that could mean someone in construction, stone work, or building furniture, etc.  that why Jesus used so many references of stones - such as the cornerstone, a house set on a good foundation, etc.  Even old city walls are built on outcroppings of stone.

Underneath the church are remnants of a workshop.  And also a Jewish ritual bath. Also in this level there is an altar that says, "this is where St. Joseph died".  
In the basement of the Rosary Sisters, there is a grave where by tradition says a "Righteous Man" is buried.  In the scriptures, Joseph is referred to as that "Righteous Man" for taking Mary as his wife and being the foster father of Jesus.  Let's give thanks to all those foster parents who have stepped up and being a great parent to their children and let's remember all kids who are in foster care.  May their parents also be righteous. 

Outside is a new shrine to St. Joseph.  Hopefully the video will work.

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