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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I spent the day on Mount Zion.  The original Jerusalem. The Mount Zion area keeps getting smaller and more interesting.  On Mount Zion are the sites of the Last Supper. (Not the original room since Jerusalem has been destroyed many times since then. Islam influences are in room. I like to think that the Last Supper was at the Dormition Church), the house of Caiaphas where Jesus was held prisoner after the capture in the Garden of Gethsemane. the prison itself. (Kind of took a selfie see later post) blood from 2000 years ago have been found recently in these cells. the denial of Peter, the taking of Jesus to Pilate, the steps to the last supper - back to Gethsemane- back to prison, Jesus being lowered into the cell through whole in the empty cistern, the Pentecost, and the falling asleep of Mary.  And put in the City of David and King David's tomb (which is empty) and Oscar Shindler's grave to boot. And from the overlook at St. Peter's Church, you can see the Potter's field where Judas hung himself and was buried. It's a lot to take in when you are on a tour and all this information is thrown at you.  It's nice to just take your time and reflect on where you are and what it means to you.  

I finally realized that Jesus had to have his Last Supper in the City of David.  Since he was of the Line of David. I offered mass at this outdoor chapel for my family, friends and all members of Resurrection Church.  Today  Mount Zion was very empty of tourists.  It was wonderful.  One man at an entrance said it was because of the summer and the situation.  So far, I have only encountered one group from the United States. 

Peace never seems to come to Jerusalem no matter how many people are praying for it. But being on their streets, you would never know that there is any tension here.  There are fewer military on the streets, but that will change on Friday.  That is a great Holy Day for Muslims during Ramadan. Ramadan is a month long fast during the day from water, drinks and food.  It lasts from daylight to dusk which is precisely 7:56.  The reason I know this is that a cannon goes off signifying that they can now drink and eat.  Ramadan is especially difficult during the summer months when it is very hot and you have to work outside.

But Christ had to suffer so much for us also. Even more than just his fast of 40 days. Not only did he give of his body to be crucified, he gave it to us to nourish and strengthen us every day.

I tried to put pictures with the wording today, but was limited. So I'm adding the pictures in the following posts for today.  The posts are a day late since the blogger server is in California.  I'm writing this on Wednesday evening. Isn't technology amazing?

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