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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Being a disciple of Jesus must have been depressing and discouraging at times. There seems to be hostility from some religious groups, Jesus accused all the time of being a Sabbath breaker, etc.   Jesus was trying to take away from the Rabbis their role of interpreting scripture.  They occupied the chair of Moses and they also wore the mantle of Elijah.   Was Jesus the Messiah or not?  The disciples had to get away to sort things out.  

 On Mount Tabor, they were able to finally understand Jesus.  
The place was so peaceful and so moving that they felt a deep reassurance when they had seen the vision of Jesus speaking to Moses and Elijah.  They saw Jesus as the Messiah.  They wanted to build temples to the three of them, Jesus, Moses and Elijah.

 With renewed confidence they could shed their doubts, anguish and fear and just listen to him.  Perhaps not understanding everything but at least they began to listen with renewed energy.

Tabor is also a challenge to us.  We get so busy and have so many voices telling us their own values, priorities, and plans.  We need to find a time to be alone with God.
 It could be just a short time each day.  It's quality of time, not quantity.  As Psalm 46 says "Be still and know that I am God",

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