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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Today I'm starting my last walk through Jerusalem. Since I walked through the Kidron Valley I'm going to start my journey today at the Last Supper room. Then I went to the steps where Jesus walked back-and-forth to the Garden of Gethsemane.  Yesterday while in the Kidron Valley, I walked past the Prophets tombs.  Jesus had to have gone past these tombs at least three times thinking about his own impending death.  

Caiaphas' home or now the Church of St. Peter in Galicantu (rooster crowing in French).  It is nice quiet place for reflection. This place has a great overlook of East Jerusalem. I had mass here again because it is nice and private.  And then went to the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter and ended up in the Armenian Quarter.   

Then I made my way home. Time to finish my laundry since my next place doesn't have a washing machine. And also to start packing to get ready to leave on Monday morning.  Have to get my rental car, bring my stuff down to the parking garage, check out.  Then hope that I can find my way out of Jerusalem. I want to visit a few places on the way to the Sea of Galilee. The northern area is much more relaxed and you can feel even more the presence of Christ because the area has not developed as in Jerusalem.

I have gotten a few emails asking about my apartment. I'm including a picture of the building.  It is a very modern building.  My apartment was on the 11th floor. If you look at the "hole" in the building, go up the left side to the top of the hole and go over to the next set of double windows. That's my apartment.

Has a great view of the city since it is on the highest hill in the city.

Jerusalem is an interesting and unique city.  The one thing that stands out is the Ultra Conservative sect and its breakdown into many other groups with all their customs.  It seems that everyone is always in a hurry.  Running and pushing to get to the next place.  Then you have the Sabbath when almost everything shuts down.  And this has to be the Cell Phone capital of the world.  You can't walk past three people without one being on a phone.  It's humorous sometimes. What can they possibly be talking about?  On the light rail train, people are either talking to each other or they are on the phone and most have earphones with a receiver on the cord so they can move their hands in gestures.  It is a strange and delightful place that I  hope to return because all of this and all the Christian sites make it the most special place in the world for me.

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